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Benefits of Organic Lawn Care Products

Organic lawn care treatments have been gaining popularity over the last few years, in large part because of the eco-friendly green movement, and the fact that more people are finally starting to recognize the inherent benefits of organic lawn care. Sure, organic fertilizers are a bit slow-acting when compared to the super-charged commercial varieties, but they get the job done in a safer, healthier way. Today more and more people are switching over to organic lawn care, and you may as well after seeing this list of some of the benefits it can provide you and your lawn!

Root Growth Improvement

Organic lawn care treatments naturally release nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium into the soil, and nearby grass roots absorb these nutrients slowly and in small doses, as they are released on a sort of time delay rather than dumped in all at once. This slow-release actually helps the roots to grow better and stronger, with a more fibrous texture that produces that lush turf look you’re after.

Improves Soil Health

Organic lawn care products will help the soil retain moisture longer, aerate the soil better, enrich it with vital nutrients, and make the soil less tight and packed, giving it a better texture. All of these things create a healthy, hospitable environment for grass and other plants to thrive.

Completely Biodegradable

Organic fertilizer is made from 100% natural products, so it is fully biodegradable and will leave behind no harmful chemical residue or anything besides new, fresh soil.

Safe for Ecology of the Soil

Organic lawn treatment respects the delicate balance of the soil ecosystem and does not destroy the microbes and other organism that exist in the soil. It is not an indiscriminate poisonous chemical that you dump on your lawn and hope for the best. Organic lawn care products are also harmless to earthworms, fungi and other good bacteria that will help your lawn and garden grow.

Safe for the Whole Family

With traditional pesticides, you have to be very careful and keep a close eye on children and pets to make sure that they do not get into the treated area and ingest any of the chemicals. Organic treatments do not present this problem, because they don’t produce any harmful side effects on the human beings or pets who use the lawn. And really, what’s the point of a lush, well-manicured lawn if you can’t enjoy it with your whole family?

Less Soil and Water Pollution

Organic manure is not harmful to fish, wildlife or other animals, so you do not need to worry about run-off affecting the local water supply. They do not contain the highly concentrated nitrogen that commercial fertilizers do, which are harmful to the environment and any animals it may come into contact with.

Longer Lasting

While the chemical fertilizers get washed away (into the local water supply!) as a result of excess watering or during rains, organic lawn treatment remains in the soil through these conditions, enriching the soil for longer. This way, you get a lot more effectiveness and “bang for your buck”, and you are saved the trouble of having to reapply so often.